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Nedra's Special Formula - Condition Dry Gourd Skins and Stamp Pad Cleaner and Conditioner

Nedra's Special Formula has been used by artists and crafters to clean and condition stamp pads as well as dry gourd skins

Nedra's Special Formula is a Cleaner & Conditioner used for cleaning & conditioning stamp pads. It has been also been used by gourd artists to remove unwanted ink & condition dry gourd shells.

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Nedra's Special Formula Cleaner & Conditioner

This is a favorite of many gourd artists & other crafters.

Nedra's Special Formula has been used by stampers for many years to clean & condition stamp pads, but gourders have discovered just how wonderful this product is & what it can do to condition dry gourd shells & it is compatible with so many  products you will find on our site such as GourdSupply Products Dye Inks and Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments. If you haven't discovered this wonderful product you need to try's not just for cleaning stamp pads!


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Nedra's Special Formula 2 oz Size.
Nedra's Special Formula 8 oz Refill.

GourdSupply Products

Nedra's Special Formula 2 oz. Squirt Top Bottle


Nedra's Special Formula is just what you need to clean stamp pads, remove ink, condition dry gourd shells & so much more. ASTM D4236 approved

Here's just some of the uses:

  • Clean & condition stamp pads
  • Condition dry gourd shells allowing water-based chalk, dye & pigment inks to go on smoother
  • Makes it easier to blend colors
  • Prevents inks from soaking in & becoming very dark on gourd shells that are excessively dry
  • Removes pigment & dye inks from gourd shells, stamps & other materials using just a few drops on a piece of felt, microbrushes or a cloth rag
  • Use as a medium to lighten or dilute ink
  • Use as a base coat on gourds
  • Create a beautiful translucent shimmer by mixing it with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

How to use it:

  • Nedra's Special Formula is used just like the ink dyes.
  • It can be applied with any of the applicators in the applicator & brushes section of our store front such as: felt or foam applicator cubes, cotton-tipped applicators, a piece of felt, Microbrushes, or just about any other applicator or brush we carry.
  • Just squeeze a few drops out on an applicator or directly into the inks.
  • Just like the GourdSupply Products chalk & dye inks you wipe off the excess so it speeds up drying time.
  • Cleans up with water.

It will not flake off or peel when varnish is applied over it like protective waxes will do. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

RETAIL: $5.50

PRICE: 4.95


GourdSupply Products

Nedra's Special Formula 8 oz. Refill Size

Same as above but larger size bottle without a squirt top

RETAIL: $16.50

PRICE: 15.25 

Pearl Ex Varnish

This wonderful water-based varnish that can be used as a medium or top coat with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments, water based paint & many other artists' mediums.


Pearl Ex Varnish.

JAC1649 Pearl Ex Varnish
2.25 oz. Jar

Works great on paper, clay, gourds, metal, wood, plastic and most other surfaces. It cleans up easily with water. This varnish enables Pearl Ex users to create their own lustrous metallic paints, glazes and durable finishes on every surface.

Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236


OUR PRICE: $4.30