Foredom Flexible Shaft Tool Kits, Portable Rotary Micromotor Kit and Accessories

Foredom Power Tools for Gourd Carving and Woodcarving

Established in 1922, The Foredom Electric Co. of Bethel, CT, has maintained continuous manufacturing operations in Connecticut since 1955. Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flex shaft machines, to specialized motors, handpieces and bench top attachments and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard in quality, power and performance.

I'm proud to say that Foredom is from my home state of Connecticut.

Alan has been a whittler since he was a kid. In 1992 he decided it was time to buy himself a Dremel and for many projects he found this to be a great alternative to using hand tools. Foredom Power Tools.

It wasn't long (months, not years) when he decided that he really needed a better quality tool and he invested in a Foredom Flexible Shaft Kit. We're not talking about a basic beginner's kit, he went for the whole enchilada and bought the deluxe kit with the hanger extra handpieces, a zillion burs and a holder. I thought he was crazy he absolutely loved it and it wasn't too long that I had to try it out and learned how to use it and it sure was fun. I didn't use it much back then but have since made up for it.

You know we still have that Dremel but mostly it's just collecting "sawdust" in his shop because it's never used by either of us anymore. It just doesn't compare in quality or performance to the Foredom.

When I ventured into gourd art I started experimenting with the Foredom and discovered it was great fun power carving and it sure was a lot easier especially for me than hand carving since I have had several hand surgeries and don't have a lot of strength.

We both love the Foredom and we both agree that it's far superior to the Dremel and more than makes up for the difference in price with the performance and quality.

Important Notice About Shipping Foredom Tools & Accessories

NOTICE: Many of the items in our Foredom tool store will ship directly from the manufacturer by UPS. They must have a physical address.

When placing your order please be sure that you provide a physical address & phone number.

Foredom Flex Shaft Tool Kits

 These Foredom Series Kits contain the SR Motor which is Foredom's most popular and best motor for general use. The 1/6 hp, ball bearing, hang-up style M.SR runs in forward and reverse at speeds up to 18,000 RPM. It offers substantially more power than any of our older universal motors - 66% more than Series CC and 33% more than Series S and old SR motors. It comes equipped with a motor bale for hanging, and our standard 39" long key-tip inner shaft and outer sheath for connecting to any of Foredom’s 20+ interchangeable handpieces.

Each kit will be listed below with all the components included in the kit. I have selected the most popular of the Woodcarving and the new Gourd carving kit created with input from Bonnie Gibson.

Foredom Carving Burs and Accessories

I will be stocking a variety of carbide and steel burs and accessories including:

  • Carving burs
  • Cases & holders to keep your burs organized
  • Maintenance kit
  • Motor hanger
  • Interchangeable handpieces
  • Handpieces
  • Shafts & Sheaths

Foredom vs. Dremel & Other Rotary Tools

Al and I own both Dremel and Foredom but there's no comparison in quality, longevity and performance. The Foredom is built to last and it's built to withstand heavy-duty use.

I will NOT be carrying Dremel or any other brand of Rotary Tool.

Here are some differences we've noticed between the Dremel & Foredom:

  • Dremel & other consumer rotary tools are considered light-duty "hobby" tools. Foredom is a heavy-duty professional tool built to industrial standards.
  • Dremel is plastic & the Foredom is heavy-duty metal
  • Dremel flexible shaft is less flexible & shorter than the Foredom flexible shaft.
  • Dremel tools generally do not last more than a few years & will need to be replaced because in most cases they cannot be repaired. Foredom is built to last (ours has lasted us about 20 years with routine maintenance.
  • Dremel handpieces run hotter than Foredom handpieces
  • Foredom handpieces are more comfortable & come in a variety sizes & styles that will accommodate a wider variety of shank/bur sizes.
  • Foredom is a major step up from Dremel's and other "consumer driven" brands such as Dremel. It is manufactured for heavy-duty use and with routine maintenance it will last a lifetime.

Shipping Information on Foredom Tools

I will be stocking a limited supply of Burs and Accessories but the Foredom Kits will be sent to you direct from the Foredom factory. If you order a kit and other Foredom accessories they will all ship together directly from the factory.

Warranty Information

All the new 1/6HP Foredom tools come with a TWO year manufacturer's warranty and are discounted from the manufacturers suggested retail price. Accessories such as burs carry a 90 day warranty.

About Our Prices & Special Orders

As I do with most of the tools I sell, I will be offering discounted prices from the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on many of the Foredom tools and accessories. Some of the lower priced items where the mark-up is not enough to discount the price is set at the MSRP.

Foredom manufactures a wide selection of tools which can be found on their website. I don't have the room to stock everything but if there is something you want that I don't carry please contact me for a price quote. I will offer you our discounted prices.

Owners Manuals & Instructions

If you have lost your manuals or instructions you can download them from the Foredom website. Their download center offers a comprehensive list of documents including manuals, instructions and parts lists on current and discontinued models.

NOTICE: If you should find any problems on the Foredom pages please contact me. I've checked everything but after working on all these pages for several weeks I might have missed something. An extra set of eyes always helps.


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