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Ink and Dyes - Dye Ink and Metallic Ink Markers for Gourd Art, Stamping and Other Crafts

GourdSupply Products Dye Inks and Memories Metallic Ink Markers carries a great selection of inks & dyes including Dye Ink & the new Memories Metallic Ink Markers and a wide variety of starter kits only available from us.

GourdSupply Products Dye Inks

GourdSupply Products Dye inks (also known as gourd ink dyes or ink dyes), are manufactured in the USA. They are one of the best selling dye ink on the market for gourds, stamping, scrapbooking & other crafts.

These inks are the most popular inks used by gourd artists. While Acrylic Pigment inks are more vibrant they still take 2nd place to the Dye Inks.

Dye ink are very concentrated so a little goes a very long way. One tiny drop will cover a large area so less is always better. Both inks are easily blended to create custom colors & they can be mixed together. Once dried they both resist fading, bleeding or smearing but it is best to heat seal the dye inks with an embossing heat tool to ensure it is set permanently.

Please check out all of our applicators and brushes that can be used with your inks in the applicators & brushes shop.

Memories Metallic Markers

These markers are great for crafting, Scrapbooking and Rubber Stamping! Memories Metallic MarkersMemories Metallic Markers. Markers are the most exciting new metallic markers on the craft market today. These markers come in six dynamic and dazzling colors that sparkle and shine with a satisfying metallic sheen.

Nontoxic, odorless, archival, acid free and fade resistant, these markers are excellent for scrapbooks, dark papers, posters and card stock. The metallic ink flows smoothly at any angle for all types of crafting and home décor. These brilliant true metallic colors are permanent on paper and porous surfaces and semi-permanent on plastic, glass and metal. Memories Metallic Markers provide a finer tip than many other metallic markers available and unlike mane other metallic markers don't leave globs.

I have been using other brands of metallic markers that were very nice but these markers are really great. They are so versatile, they can be used on so many surfaces & the colors are really beautiful.

I have used these on gourd ornaments & masks & the work great. It doesn't matter if the gourd skin is light or dark, these markers produce vivid colors.

the photo on the left is an ornament with gold marker used on the flowing lines. It is so much easier to use these markers than it is to try to do this with paint & a brush.

What I like about these markers is that the soft, but firm tip flows smoothly without leaving globs of ink like some of the markers I have used. Many markers require you to press the tip to permit the ink to start flowing....& flowing!